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  • Mindy Starns Clark: The Trouble with Tulip (Smart Chick Mysteries, Book 1)

    Mindy Starns Clark: The Trouble with Tulip (Smart Chick Mysteries, Book 1)
    An outstanding, always interesting author whom I admire deeply

  • Carlos Ruis Zafron: Shadow of the Wind
    The kind of book you wish wouldn't end when you finish reading. The characters are so alive and well described.
  • Lloyd Jones: Mr. Pip
    Sorrow and deep love in a tragic setting. Wonderfully written and unforgettable. A book that can change your life. (****)
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August 22, 2012


Sheila Zia

Dear Geni,
I know you haven't heard yet because I'm late sending out my Christmas cards, but my mission to Afghanistan was cancelled at that last minute due to safety/American Embassy concerns. Instead, CURE sent me to their children's hospital in Uganda. I was there for a month. I had the opportunity to work as a Nurse Practitioner and do some teaching and ministry during that time. I wrote about my experiences on my blog. Enjoy!
Sheila Zia, BSN, MSN, FNP.

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